About Us


Cosmo Wealth Management was founded in 2020, the year in which the COVID-19 pandemic affected the world economy.

One of the main difficulties faced by the Salvadoran population is the lack of access to loans in order to support their family economy, start a business or simply keep their businesses afloat, much less grow it. This is because they must undergo a tedious and complicated procedure that usually results with a negative response.

Aware of the need for financial assistance to a hard-working sector of the population that receives little to no support from the country’s traditional banks, Cosmo Wealth Management enters the market to offer an opportunity with quick solutions, multiple payment options, and lower interest rates. All this while receiving a personalized and inclusive treatment.

Cosmos Wealth Management has come to trust and believe in Salvadorans.


To help people without access to the traditional banking system in El Salvador, by offering financial products and services that are inclusive, innovative, and simple.


Have a presence in all of El Salvador, to become the first and best option for financial assistance that supports Salvadorans achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams, without exclusions or complications.



Facing every situation with honesty makes our clients feel confident that they are receiving a reliable service and product.


Always acting with full transparency with our clients, lets them know exactly who they are dealing with and how their finances are being managed.


We are dedicated to building a foundation of loyalty between our clients and ourselves.


Financial education and responsibility are important to us, which is why we take into consideration many aspects of our clients' monthly budgets.


For us, each of our clients is a unique and special person, not just another number in our system. Every client deserves to be treated with the utmost respect from us.


All our clients have a different story; therefore, we don't rely solely on a credit history report that another company hands us. We look at each story from our client's perspective, by doing so we can better understand their financial situation.